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Center for the Application of Efficient Technologies


Implemented in 1996, the Center for the Application of Efficient Technologies (Cate) is a demonstration unit for technologies and equipment for the efficient use of electric energy, which also acts as a laboratory.


Located in the Fundão Unit, Cate provides energy diagnosis services, conducts human resources training and prepares technical documents and publications.


The center has accumulated a large body of technical solutions thanks to the experience gained in energy diagnostics carried out in various industrial plants and productive activities, from textiles and beverages to automobiles and nuclear fuels. Other branches of activities have also been studied, such as environmental sanitation companies, commercial buildings, administrative offices of public services and schools, among others.


To demonstrate commercially available technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption, Cate uses two areas: the Efficient Solar House, operated in conjunction with the Reference Center for Solar and Wind Energy Sérgio de Salvo Brito (Cresesb), and a space of permanent exhibition, where devices with the seal of the National Program for the Conservation of Electric Energy (Procel), known as Seal Procel, are displayed. The two areas are also located in the Fundão Unit.


Cate also supports the development of computer programs. Among them, the Application for Optimum Performance of Electric Motors (BDMotor), whose purpose is to subsidize the user in the acquisition, replacement and repair of electric motors, through economic analysis and calculation of engine load.


In the training area, the center is able to conduct courses with great practical emphasis and unique approaches in each specialty, provided by both Cepel's laboratory support and the experience of its consultants.


Among its clients are: Eletrobras; companies in the electricity sector; public institutions; universities; industries; Engineering and Architecture professionals; construction companies and industrial and building maintenance.





      • Efficient Solar House: controls and alternative systems to reduce energy consumption (presence sensors, energy meters, remote control systems, monitoring systems, efficient luminaires and energy saving showers, among others)

      • Permanent exhibition: equipment with Procel seal; a room entirely dedicated to efficient lighting systems, with panels equipped with meters, lamps and lamps; fluid pumping systems for industries; software and manuals; demonstrations of techniques of reduction of thermal gains by windows and roofs; optimized engine design; simulators of energy diagnostics

      • Diagnostics and training: Computer programs for evaluation and simulation of electric energy consumption; training rooms and state-of-the-art multimedia equipment for local and remote training

      • Collection of instruments for energy diagnostics: meters and registers of electrical quantities and energy quality; climate data loggers; luxmeter; anemometers; flue gas analyzer; thermometric probes; video thermograph; ultrasonic flowmeters; compressed air leak detectors; geophones; systems for data acquisition and processing.


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