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Corona Testing Laboratory


The Corona Testing Laboratory (AT2), established by Cepel in 1980, performs high voltage type tests up to 150 kV at industrial frequency, as well as lightning impulse, switching impulse and insulation breakdown testing up to 1 MV with power of 50 kJ.

The tests provide support to research and serve to ensure the reliability, safety and quality of high voltage electrical equipment. The main clients of AT2 include electricity utility companies and electrical equipment manufacturers.

Located in the Adrianópolis Unit, AT2 carries out various types of measurements, both in its facilities and in the field, being one of the few laboratories in Brazil with the capacity to measure partial discharges, capacitance and delta tangent in large generators and motors in the field (industries, oil rigs and electric power plants). The laboratory also contributes to the development and improvement of measurement methods and techniques for assessing the performance of high voltage equipment.


AT2 has dimensions of 10m x 10x 8m (height).

The following equipment is available at the laboratory:

• Resistive and capacitive voltage dividers

• 1 MV/30 kJ impulse generator

• 0-150 kV/100 kVA buck-boost transformer

• 350 kV/4.5 A π filter

• 200 kV and 35 kV standard capacitors

• Measurement instruments in general: digital oscilloscopes; capacitance bridge meter and tan δ

• System for partial discharge measurement; radio interference voltage meter; measurement calibrators and impedances.

Adopted standards and/or procedures

• NBR 6936

• NBR 6940

• NBR 7876

• NBR 15121

• NEMA 107

• CISPR 16

• IEC 60060.1

• IEC 60060.2

• IEC 61211


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