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Electrical Power Quality Laboratory


Created in 1998, the Electrical Power Quality Laboratory (LABQ), located in the Fundão Unit, measures and analyses the power quality in electric grids, performs tests on electrical and electronic equipment and develops research associated with the subject, being considered a pioneer in this activity in Brazil.

It satisfies several needs of the electric grid, regarding both industrial and commercial consumers that use modern electrical and electronic equipment, sensitive to disturbances related to the lack of power quality. Services are also provided to generation, transmission and distribution utilities by analysing the power quality issues involving renewable energy connected through electronic converters.

It comprises a team of researchers with great experience in measurement and studies related to power quality and the Lab is equipped with state of the art equipment.

Measuring campaigns at the point of common coupling many times accomplished with qualitative studies is a product often requested by consumers having special loads, including wind and solar installations. The main concerns are harmonics and flicker resulting from their connection to the grid.

Among its main clients are: the National Electric System Operator (ONS); industrial consumers of different electric capacity; generation, transmission and distribution utilities.

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• HP6834B (Agilent, 4,500 VA and 300 V effective phase-neutral) and AMX-345 (Pacific Power, 4,500 VA and 270 V effective phase-neutral) programmable sources able to reproduce different waveforms and perform various types of quality power tests
• IEC 61.000-4-30, class A, power quality analysers
• Programmable data acquisition system
• Portable measuring equipment
• Synchronous phasor measurement equipment with GPS synchronized clocks.

Standards and / or procedures

• IEC 61000-4-30
• IEC 61000-4-15
• IEC 61000-4-7
• IEC 61400-21


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