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High Power Laboratory


The High Power laboratory (AP2), established by Cepel in 1983, offers the highest short-circuit powers in South America for the performance of research and development tests on high voltage equipment, such as circuit breakers, insulator strings, cubicles, reactors, etc.

Tests are documented by video filming with high-speed cameras. Important clients of AP2, which is located in the Adrianópolis Unit, include research institutions and electricity companies in Brazil and other South-American countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Research projects of which the laboratory currently participates include Electric Arc Modeling for Single phase Reclosing (Modelarco), developed jointly with Eletrobras Furnas and the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ)

The results obtained under this project are essential to reveal details of the characteristics of the electric power arc physical phenomenon, resulting from overvoltage in transmission lines originated from atmospheric discharges or switching operations in the circuits of a power system.

For more information regarding the tests performed by the AP2 lab, click on the "Tests" tab.


• Usable three-phase power of 750 MVA; maximum voltages of 100 kV (single-phase) and 60 kV (three-phase) - 60 Hz

• Three cells for assembly of the equipment under test and a 22 m x 32 m free area (yard)

• Measurement system comprising fiber optic signal transmitters and receivers and one signal digitizer. Test area accessed through an 8m wide gate with free height, or through a 3.5m wide and 4.5m high gate. A 58 m² individual assembly room accessed through a 3.5m wide and 4.5m high entry gate.

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