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High Voltage Laboratory


The High Voltage Laboratory (AT1), implemented by Cepel in 1980, is one of the largest laboratories of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It performs dielectric (insulation) acceptance tests and can handle research and development of transmission system equipment and components up to 800 kV.


Located in the Adrianópolis Unit, AT1's clients include electricity utilities and large equipment manufacturers from Brazil and other countries

During the 1990's, HSIL technology for the construction of High Surge Impedance Loading Transmission Lines was developed in this laboratory, one of the greatest conquests of Brazilian technology for the electric sector. This technology is especially adequate for the transmission of large amounts of electric power through long distances with minimum losses.

AT1 has been continuously updated with new equipment and measurement systems.



AT1 has a 44 m x 30 m x 27 m (height) area, and has two 7 m x 3 m control rooms which allow the separate or joint monitoring of two tests.


Assemblies and load movement are performed with two 5-tonne overhead cranes, various fixed hoists for tensions of up to 0.5 tonnes each and air mattresses with capacity to sustain 50 tonnes. The laboratory also has lifting platforms to facilitate the assembly of test arrangements.


The equipment available in the laboratory includes:

• 1MV / 2A Direct power supply, positive or negative polarities

• 4.0 MV, 200 kJ, 20 stage impulse generator

• Set of 3 60 Hz transformers for cascade connection with 600 kV, 2A each

• Set of 3 single-phase voltage regulators (0 to 8 kV) with 2.5 MVA each

• Resistive capacitive voltage dividers: 1.6 MV and 3.6 MV

• 1.2 MV compressed gas standard capacitor

• 1.2 MV coupling capacitor

• Assembly area with a 50t overhead crane

• Spark gap sphere for 2.4 MV

• Equipment for artificial rain production


Standards and/or Procedures



• IEC.



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