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Intensive Computing Laboratory


The Intensive Computing Laboratory (LABCIN), part of the Energy Optimization and the Environment Department (DEA), supports Cepel in the development and running of high performance parallel applications, developing user control methods and providing storage and backup services.

The laboratory is currently composed by 2 clusters and 7 servers, for a total of 424 processing cores, allowing running NEWAVE (Long and Medium Term Operation Planning Model for Interconnected Hydrothermal Systems) and DECOMP (Short Term Operation Planning Model for Interconnected Hydrothermal Systems) software programs in a high performance environment.

NEWAVE software, applicable to long and medium-term operation planning, was the first to be run with distributed processing, followed by DECOMP model, used in short-term operation planning. One goal of the DEA department is to modify other programs in the Model Chain for a distributed processing environment, with the aim of reducing their total running times.

LABCIN expanded its computational resources with the acquisition of a new cluster with 48 nodes, each with 12 processing cores, for a total of 576 processing cores. At the end of this new cluster commissioning, LABCIN will have 1,000 processing cores at its disposal.



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