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Laboratory for Tests under Pollution


 Established in 1983, the Laboratory for Tests under Pollution (AT3) specializes in assessing the electrical performance of insulators in transmission and distribution lines, substations and electrical equipment suffering the action of pollutants such as dust, salty air and even bird droppings. Located in the Adrianópolis Unit, AT3 is the only laboratory in Brazil equipped for tests with salt spray or pre-deposition in insulators installed in systems with voltages over 138 kV.

The following activities stand out among those performed in the laboratory: tests for assessment of the ageing of polymeric insulators for use in transmission lines; tests for assessment of coated insulators and cables for distribution lines, performed within the scope of the Program for Qualification of Material and Equipment for Electricity Distribution and Transmission Networks (PROQUIP); tests conducted in partnership with other international research centers to establish parameters defining the standards for artificial pollution tests.

AT3 helps electricity utilities in the assessment of the electrical performance of insulators submitted to various environmental conditions where polluting agents might be present, and also helps insulator manufacturers with tests for the development of new projects.


• small 5.2 m x 4.6 m x 4.6 m chamber;
• large 16 m x 18 m x 20 m chamber.
The following equipment is available at the laboratory:
• 0-8 kV / 2.5 MVA single phase voltage regulator;
• 600 kV, 2 A, 60 Hz transformer;
• 180 kV, 1.11 A, 60 Hz transformer;
• 50 kV, 5 A, 60 Hz transformer;
• 30 kV, 2 A, 60 Hz transformer;
+600 kV, 1 A HVDC power supply;
• system for generation of salt spray and clean spray.


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