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Laboratory of Diagnostic Systems for Generation Equipment


The Laboratory of Diagnostic Systems for Generation Equipment, which was inaugurated in 2005, is used in the implementation of the SOMA (System for the Monitoring of Engineering Assets), which aims to monitor and diagnose faults in rotating equipment , in order to meet the generation area of ​​Eletrobras companies.


SOMA monitors mechanical and electrical signals on rotary machines of electrical generation and allows the user, through an appropriate graphical interface, to analyze the data, as well as the diagnosis of the operational condition, using computational intelligence techniques. 


Located in the Fundão Unit, this laboratory consists of two areas, one of which is an experimental one, the results of which provide the basis for software development, and another specifically dedicated to the development of programs.  


The laboratory develops activities related to the dynamic behavior of rotating machines; signal processing; mathematical modeling; corporate software and models for assessing the condition of generation equipment.


See below for more information on SOMA and other computer programs developed in that laboratory.




This laboratory has an approximate area of ​​6m x 9m, with specific instrumentation (hardware) and software, computers and experimental simulation benches; servers; databases; knowledge base.


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