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Laboratory of Diagnostic Systems for Transmission Equipment


The Laboratory of Diagnostic Systems for Transmission Equipment, implemented by Cepel in 2005, develops computer systems for use in activities supporting decision making in the areas of maintenance and operations of electric power transmission equipment.

Located in the Fundão Unit, this laboratory acts as a support unit for Cepel's research and development projects (R&D) in the field of monitoring and diagnosis. It is dedicated to the improvement and integration of other products and models developed by Cepel, in partnership with their original developers.


The laboratory's main products are the DianE System, an integrated system for equipment analysis and diagnosis, DianE AQ, a service for automatic scheduling of data acquisition for DianE from different servers, and RCM DianE, a system intended to carry out, document and audit the process of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), which is applied to the equipment managed with DianE and originates the knowledge base used by this system to make diagnoses.



DianE System integrates information on registry data, tests, functional tests, inspections, continuous online monitoring and maintenance activities of electric power transmission equipment, such as power transformers, reactors, circuit breakers, isolation switches, instrument transformers, lightning arresters, bushings and diverting switches.



Concerning its scope and its applications, DianE is a global innovation: with a single, evolving tool, it is possible to analyze in a standardized way the condition of all substations of a utility, all monitored equipment and the operational risk associated with each one. DianE undergoes constant development, incorporating new functionalities with each version.



The laboratory develops activities related to the following research fields: corporative software; models for assessing the condition of electric power transmission equipment; and computational intelligence.



See below further information on DianE and other software programs developed with resources from this laboratory.




Knowledge base.

Software Programs
 DianE - Integrated System for Equipment Analysis and Diagnosis


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