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Lighting Laboratory


Implemented by Cepel in 1984, the Lighting Laboratory (MA8) supports government agencies in the effort of energy conservation and energy efficiency in components and systems of public, residential, commercial and industrial lighting.

Located in the Fundão Unit, the MA8 is the technical arm of the partnership signed by Eletrobras, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) and the Cepel for the execution of the programs of the Procel seal and the National Label of Energy Conservation (Ence). related to lighting, being able to carry out tests accredited by Inmetro in lamps and luminaires in general. MA8 also participates in the development of technical standards, coordinating the adoption of performance indices and test methods.

MA8 is engaged in research and development of new technologies and energy efficiency projects.

The laboratory is capable of performing various technological tests and services on lamps and luminaires for residential, industrial and public use, such as:

• photometry and electrical characteristics;
• test of maintenance of luminous flux at 25oC and 45oC;
• Accelerated test test for electrolytic capacitor;
• ultraviolet and infrared emission levels;
• spectroradiometry: color temperature, chromaticity coordinates and color reproduction index;
• thermal cycle and switching test;
• Total Harmonic Distortion;
• lifting of photometric curves;
• measurement of transmittance and reflectance of mirrors, glasses and surfaces in general;


The MA8 is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and dedicated areas for measurement and testing of luminaires, LED lamps and discharge lamps. Among these equipment, the following stand out:

• goniofotometer;
• transmittance and reflectance meters;
• integrative spheres;
• reactor analyzers;
• spectroradiometer;
• UV meters;
• LED Test;
• standard illuminance.


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