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Partial Discharge Research Laboratory


The Laboratory of Partial Discharge Research (IMA-e) is used to carry out type tests with high voltage at industrial frequency up to 100 kV. The main objective of these tests is to support research involving the measurement systems of the IMA (Instrumentation for Monitoring and Analysis of High Voltage Electrical Equipment), which are:


- IMA-DP - Measurement and monitoring of Partial Discharges
- IMA-CTD - Capacitance measurement and Tangent delta
- IMA-TransV - Transient Voltage Measurement
- IMA-Mec - measurement of mechanical signals


These systems are used in many types of measurement both in their installations and on site. Equipment such as generators, motors, power transformers, reactors, instrument transformers, surge arresters, etc. can be evaluated. It also contributes to the development and improvement of measurement methods and techniques for evaluating the performance of high voltage equipment.



The IMA-e is also used for training of technical personnel in matters that refer to the dielectric evaluation of equipment, since it is the base laboratory for a professional improvement course carried out periodically by Cepel.



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