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Advanced Laboratory for Supervision and Control


The Advanced Laboratory for Supervision and Control - LASC, located at the Fundão Unit, offers infrastructure for Cepel’s activities on research, development, testing and technology demonstrations for real-time supervision and control of power systems.


Opened in 1995 and kept state-of-the-art through continuous upgrades, LASC reproduces the environment of modern system operation centers in electric power companies.


In the laboratory, methods, algorithms and software programs are developed, tested and validated in an environment that promotes and fosters the sharing and exchange of knowledge among researchers and developers.


As a core equipment of this lab, there is a modern display system based on LED technology, around which workstations are laid out and interconnected to a powerful cluster of servers.


The laboratory is the basic platform for the development, testing and demonstrations of SAGE (Open Energy Management System), the CEPEL's SCADA/EMS solution for real-time operation of electric systems, currently used for the supervision and control of a large part of the Brazilian National Interconnected System (SIN).


SAGE provides all the typical functionalities of a large-scale energy management system (e.g. network analysis, simulators, historical data management, automatic generation control). The system is regularly updated and constantly receives new functionalities, promoting the intense use of LASC.


See below further information on SAGE and other software programs developed with Lasc resources.


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