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Transmission Microscopy Laboratory


Inaugurated in 2010, within the process of modernization of Cepel laboratories, the Multidisciplinary Transmission Microscopy Laboratory is used in Research, Development and Innovation (R & D + I) activities as well as in fault analysis. In both cases, the focus is the materials used in the Brazilian electric sector.  


Within the scope of R & D + I, the laboratory acts in the analysis of metallic materials, composites and polymers, both in Cepel and in cooperation with universities and other research centers.  


It has been a key piece in projects involving turbine integrity assessment, precipitation characterization in steels, dispersion analysis of ceramic nanoparticles in polymer matrix and studies on superconducting materials and fuel cells. In addition, it is used in the elaboration of master's dissertations and doctoral theses in conjunction with the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Engineering Research at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Coppe / UFRJ), as well as numerous publications scientific research.




The laboratory has a transmission electron microscope Tecnai 20, with accelerator of 80 to 200 kV and thermionic cannon. It can operate using tungsten or lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) filaments and is endowed with super twin objective lens. It has TEM and STEM transmission and scan modes, with resolutions of 0.24 and 1 nm respectively.  


In addition, it has accessories such as the Oxford INCA 6767 EDS detector, 136 eV resolution, STEM HAADF detector (high angle annular dark field), FEI Eagle high resolution CCD camera, plasma cleaner fischione model 1020, and is able to use single tilt and double tilt sample holders.   All these resources, together with a qualified technical team, enable the achievement of relevant results in various lines of research.


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