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Cepel seeks repositioning to compete in the market

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Cepel seeks repositioning to compete in the market


Cepel is adopting a new position as a way of seeking new sources of funds through its greater competence: R&D for the electricity sector. The research center, which is approaching half a century of activity, has been working to diversify its associates, for those who provide services. The goal is to increase the number of ‘customers’ who benefit from its services, while Eletrobras has its control increasingly close to being privatized. 

The general director of the research center, Amílcar Guerreiro, said that an example that can be used for reference is from the Italian Electrical and Technical Experimntal Center, CESI, which was spun off from state-owned Enel and today has activities spread across Europe, USA, the United Arab Emirates and China.


“Of course, the electric sector is transforming and so is Brazil,” he commented. “The transformation in the Eletrobras group and the prospect of capitalization puts a new element in Cepel and the certainty that we will not be able to function as we have been working for 50 years. We must adhere to the new reality. And that doesn't just refer to being self-sufficient, but to form partners and increase our associates, increase our customer portfolio ”, set up the executive. 

Currently, said the executive, Cepel has 18 associates, in addition to Eletrobras. In its analysis, the institution has to increase this number to promote its development. One of these ways, he said, is the establishment of partnerships such as the one that was closed this Thursday, November 26, with SPIC Brasil. “This partnership is one of the elements of the new strategy that contribute to this. And yet an area for the commercialization of Cepel´s products, we did not need it before and now we will need it, it is a moment of transformation ”, he highlighted.