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PacDyn – Analysis and Control of Electromechanical Oscillations in Power Systems


PacDyn (Analysis and Control of Electromechanical Oscillations in Power Systems) software is used for the analysis and control of the oscillations caused by disturbances in large power systems.


The software has modern algorithms for the calculation of poles, zeroes, residues, time response and frequency response, using classical and modern control techniques for problem solving and mitigation.


The studies performed by PacDyn allow identifying the nature of growing or slightly damped oscillations and the adjustment of several controllers to increase their damping. In addition to the analysis of electromechanical oscillations, PacDyn performs analysis of subsynchronous resonance and adjustment of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) in high frequency, where the representation of the network dynamics is modeled in detail.


PacDyn use as a complementary tool on electromechanical stability studies has been made easier using the database of ANATEM (Analysis of Electromechanical Transients) software, allowing running it after an ANATEM simulation, with no additional effort for data preparation.


PacDyn is being used for adjustment determination and optimization of the different controllers of the Brazilian Interconnected System (SIN), for both new and existent power plants. In this manner, it contributes to SIN adequate performance in relation to local and inter-area electromechanical oscillations. The software is widely accepted in the international market and in use in several countries.


Some of the main users of PacDyn are: public sector entities, such as the Electric System National Operator (ONS) and the Energy Research Company (EPE); the Eletrobras companies; generation, transmission and distribution agents and universities (student versions).










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