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Alternative Generation Sources for Isolated Communities


 The line of research "Alternative Generation Sources for Isolated Communities" was born with the proposal to reduce diesel consumption in the thermal generation of the Trindade Island Oceanographic Station (Poit), a military unit of the Brazilian Navy located on the coast of the state of Espírito Holy.

The idea is that on-site diesel consumption will fall from 60,000 l / year to around 2,000 l / year, aiming at energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of Trindade Island. To this end, a hybrid system of renewable energies will be implemented: solar photovoltaic and wind power.
The preliminary results of the research indicate that a 150 kWp solar photovoltaic configuration, together with a 30 kW wind power generation, will be enough to achieve the desired goal and ensure reliability in the electric power supply and in the operation of the island's generation system .
Being located more than 1000 km from the coast, the Poit presents characteristics of an isolated community, such as low population density and extreme distance of the continent. In similar communities in the continent, not only the supply of electricity, but also the forms of generation can be determinants for local sustainable development. The use of a hybrid electric generation system from solar photovoltaic and wind energy sources reduces the impacts caused to the environment and reduces CO2 emissions.

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