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Computer Techniques Applied to Power System Analysis Tools


The line of research “Computer Techniques Applied to Power System Analysis Tools” encompasses activities of technological and innovation domain in a set of techniques necessary to the research and mainly the development of software programs for real application in large electric power systems. These techniques ensure that the software programs for the electric sector fully meet the requirements of robustness, quality, reliability, performance, usability, maintainability and security.


Some of the technologies developed within this line of research are:


- Data management: the software programs in this field use large masses of data, that need to be properly managed to be always updated, correct and easily available.


- Scientific visualization: The results of the programs, which may consist of large amounts of information, need to be adequately presented to allow a rapid and accurate analysis.


- User interfaces: achieving appropriate levels of usability in complex software programs requires the development of adequate user interfaces.


- Distributed processing: the performance requirements of some software programs combined with the characteristics of the problems dealt with make the application of distributed processing techniques advisable or even indispensable.


- Web processing and support: web-based processing technologies, including program remote distribution, play an important role in the interaction of developing teams with end users.


- Cyber security: one of the computing technologies that more quickly gains importance in the electric sector. Its application aims at ensuring that the programs are reliably distributed and used from both points of view, the user’s and Cepel’s.


- Performance analysis: the software program can perform complex calculations involving large masses of data; therefore, performance is a critical requirement. The use of those techniques facilitates performance assessment and enables important improvements in algorithms and data structures.


- Automatic software testing: partial automation of the running process of test cases significantly contributes to the assurance of the quality and reliability of software programs.


These technologies are used by the software programs of other research lines related to Electrical Networks. In addition, this line of research develops the software programs EditCepel, FormCepel, PlotCepel and CDUEdit.


This line is related to the lines of research “Steady State Network Analysis”, “Harmonics and Short Circuit Analyses”, “Dynamic Network Analysis”, “Generation and Transmission Reliability” and “Transmission and Distribution Systems Expansion Planning”. 


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