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 Cepel's Corrosion area is dedicated to the study of the different corrosion processes observed in electrical equipment and metal structures of companies in the electrical sector, specifying anticorrosion protection techniques and researching new protection technologies. It basically seeks to increase the durability of equipment and structures, and reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.

The research focuses on the main fields of corrosion in metal structures, ie, atmospheric corrosion, soil corrosion, natural water corrosion, organic and metallic coatings and cathodic protection. For the development of the research, electrochemical techniques are used in metals and in paints, accelerated and non-accelerated tests of resistance to corrosion and tests of physical-chemical characterization of the different coatings used in companies of the electric sector.
The studies carried out subsidize technical specifications for corrosion protection adequate to the exposure and working conditions of equipment and metal structures; technical qualification of maintenance teams of companies in the electricity sector; identification of causes of corrosion problems and technical recommendations for troubleshooting.
Cepel partners in the development of the "Corrosão" research line are the following entities: Eletrobras Furnas, Eletrobras Eletronorte, Eletrobras Chesf, Eletrobras Eletrosul and Eletrobras Eletronuclear; Petrobras; Brazilian Association of Corrosion (Abraco); National Institute of Technology (INT); Luiz Alberto Coimbra Graduate Institute of Engineering of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE / UFRJ); Institute of Technological Research of the University of São Paulo (IPT / USP); paint and electrical equipment manufacturers; distribution companies.
The development of the research line is supported by the following laboratories: "Corrosion"; "Chemical Analyzes" and "Metalografia", all located in the Fundão Unit.

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