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Energy Efficiency


 The research line "Energy Efficiency" aims to promote the reduction of energy consumption required to provide a specific service (lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, manufacture of a product etc.), without reducing the quality of the same, through the development of techniques, methodologies and demonstrations.

One of the results of the work developed within this research line is the implementation and operationalization of the Center for the Application of Efficient Technologies (Cate), whose objective is the diffusion of qualified information regarding the efficient use of energy through demonstrations carried out in its facilities, located in the Fundão Unit, and training. Cate was set up with the consultancy of the E7 Group (a group formed in 1997 by a number of electricity companies from Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy and Japan) and resources from the National Program of Electricity Conservation (Procel), created by the federal government in 1985, and executed by Eletrobras.
Another result was the development of a computational tool for the optimal design of motors for industrial applications, in order to avoid oversizing and consequent energy wastage.
Also within the scope of this research line, methodologies were developed to perform energy diagnostics in consumer units in the industrial and commercial sectors.
In addition, the laboratories related to the area of ​​energy efficiency develop knowledge to give subsidies to the work groups, coordinated by Inmetro, which establish the regulations for the testing of equipment that is part of the Brazilian Labeling Program and for the establishment of criteria for the Procel Seal. Methodologies for the establishment of energy efficiency indices for the application of Law 10.295 / 2001 by the Energy Efficiency Indices Manager Committee (CGIEE, chaired by the Ministry of Mines and Energy) are also developed. Other activities carried out within this research line include R & D work in public lighting systems, which included the study of optimization of systems (useful life and efficiency) and the evaluation of the use of new lighting technologies ( LED bulbs).
The research line "Energy Efficiency" has the support of the following laboratories: Laboratory of Lighting, Laboratory of Refrigeration, Laboratory for Evaluation of Performance of Washing Machines and Laboratory of Engines.
As of December 2016, as anticipated in a memorandum of understanding, new research activities in the area of ​​energy efficiency in the industry will be developed in conjunction with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, part of the US Department of Energy.

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