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In this line of research Cepel develops methodologies and software programs for:

(i) Assessment of the environmental dimension of generation and transmission expansion planning – This is a comprehensive line of research, that aims at incorporating the socioenvironmental dimension to the expansion planning, in the implementation of electric power generation and transmission projects including the Integrated Environmental Assessment methodology (AAI).

(ii) Establishment of Eletrobras Corporate sustainability indicators – corporate sustainability can be defined as the transfer of the concept of sustainable development to the corporate environment. In this manner, corporate sustainability places the company’s focus not only in the economic dimension, but also in social and environmental aspects, aiming to enlarge the access to financing sources while increasing its competitiveness in the international market. The two main objectives are: establishing a set of indicators to support Corporate Sustainability management, including the environmental, social, economic-financial, corporate governance and energy efficiency; and support the preparation of Sustainability Reports (Global Report Initiative – GRI model), as for example from Eletrobras companies to communicate their results to stakeholders and meet external demands, e.g., ISE/BOVESPA, DJSI, CDP, etc. 



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