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 The line of research "Nanotechnologies" is multidisciplinary, uniting fundamentals of basic science to applied research. The research work has two aspects: Nanocomposites and Nanofluids.

The studies in the area of ​​Nanocomposites aim to generate knowledge and enable a multidisciplinary team that is able to discuss, evaluate and characterize nanocomposites with application in the electrical sector, as well as to develop lighter and more resistant nanostructured materials. The idea is to create polymer nanocomposites with thermal, mechanical and electrical properties superior to those of polymer composites, currently used in electrical distribution and transmission insulation.
Already the other area is dedicated to the research of dielectric nanofluids for application in transformers. The goal is to achieve significant increases in thermal conductivity relative to the original cooling fluid.
The studies of the line of research are carried out with the support of the following laboratories: "Chemical Analysis"; "Mechanical properties"; "Metallography"; "Electrical and Magnetic Properties", all located in the Fundão Unit. In the case of nanofluids, the "Laboratory of Diagnosis in Equipment and Electrical Installations", also located in the Fundão Unit, is also involved.

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