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Smart Grids


Currently the main objectives of the Smart Grids’ research line is to provide a laboratory infrastructure (test bed) for the development, evaluation and concept proof of solutions related to the concept of Smart Grid.


This test bed will verify the influence of the new equipment that rely on power electronics converters connected to the grid, different types of sensors, distributed energy resources (DER) and advanced meters infrastructure (AMI). The complex operation of several equipment and systems connected together and exchanging data will be assessed.


The laboratory infrastructure will also have a real time simulation tool that will be interfaced with real equipment operating under load conditions, verification of the interoperability of equipment and systems to be connected in the smart grids, and assessment of microgrids that might operate connected to the main network or in islanded mode feeding the main loads.

R&D related to Phasor Measurement Systems is also considered in the Smart Grids’ research line. In this regard, Cepel has a laboratory in operation (LabPMU), working mainly in the research and development of applications for Phasor Measuring Units (PMUs), as well as carrying out reference tests in order to evaluate these units in the laboratory before their installation on the field. PMUs are an important tool for the efficiency of electric networks, especially in the area of electric power transmission.





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