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Sustainable Development of Hydropower




Development of methods and software programs for:
(i) Preparation of the Hydroelectric inventory of Hydrographic Basins. – According to the Hydropower Technology Roadmap, prepared by the International Energy Agency, together with Cepel and the Mines and Energy Ministry (MME), more than 70% of the hydropower potential in the world has not been explored yet, and in Africa, such potential exceeds 92%. One of the most relevant steps towards hydropower sustainable development is river basin is head division. Therefore, Cepel is always improving the methodology and software for the preparation of the river basin hydroelectric inventory system. The methodology consists in searching for a compromise between economical energy production and the (positive and negative) socio-environmental impacts, considering multiple water use scenarios. It is a multi-objective approach for the search of a Pareto-optimal solution between energy and socioenvironmental objectives. The Manual associated with this objective was developed with resources from the MME and the World Bank through the ESTAL project.

(ii) Field quantification and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs – Due to the uncertainties involved in the production of greenhouse gases (GG) and the recent knowledge of associated phenomena, Cepel has developed a scientific research in this area, in close collaboration with Brazilian universities, such as COPPE/UFRJ, INPE, IIEGA and UFPR, aiming at building a methodology for the quantitative analysis of GG emissions, as well as planning campaigns for field measurement. The first phase of the research demystified the erroneous impression that existed in the literature, that hydropower plants in tropical regions are necessarily relevant sources of greenhouse emission. Cepel coordinates the Task Force associated with the Hydropower Working Group of the International Energy Agency.

(iii) Development of hydropower plants under the Platform Hydropower Plant concept– Traditionally, in Brazil, the hydropower exploration of the river basins has had the role of boosting the development of the region. However, in regions with social and environmental sensitivity, this approach of sustainable development cannot be applied. Aiming at making compatible the implementation of HPPs in those areas with environmental sensitivity, the concept platform hydropower plant was developed, which aims to better reconcile social and environmental sectorial policies with electric power generation, emphasizing the conservation of the environment.



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