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Varistor Blocks


 The research line "Varistor Blocks" aims to implement new formulations and, especially, new routes of processing of varistor ceramics. It is therefore intended to understand the grain and grain boundary phenomena that condition the behavior of the varistors and, from this knowledge, to develop new varistor blocks characterized essentially by the greater electrothermal stability, by the increase of the energy absorption capacity and by a performance more significant in regimes of high electric currents.

Among the results achieved by the projects carried out by the research line, we can mention:
• Significant reduction of the leakage current characteristic of the varistors, reaching a reduction of the order of 70% in relation to commercial varistors
• Increasing the non-linear character of the conductive process - and therefore the efficiency and level of protection provided by the varistors
• Up to 50% increase in the energy absorption capacity of ceramic blocks developed and evaluated in laboratory scale.
The main products resulting from the research line were: new formulations for varistors, new processing routes for varistor ceramics and technical reports for research and development.
The research line is supported by the following laboratories: "Superconductivity", "Chemical Analysis", "Metallography" and "Electric Energy Measurement", all located in the Fundão Unit.

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