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Wind Energy


The main objective of this line of research is the domain of knowledge of all aspects related to the production of electric energy from wind energy.


The researchers involved in this research line carry out studies to identify the regions that present the best potential for wind power plants, in order to assist the country's electric supply. This includes local prospecting, measurement and evaluation of data for electric power generation, as well as the design of power plants (location of wind turbines, etc.).


The team, with national and international training, also provides technical-scientific support for the analysis of wind projects of Eletrobras System companies, as well as elaborating technical courses on wind energy to meet the needs of said companies and the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The activities of the research line are supported by the Reference Center for Solar and Wind Energy Sérgio de Salvo Brito (Cresesb), located in the Fundão Unit. Research activities in the areas of aerodynamics (numerical simulation of flows for calculation of energy production ) and connection to the network are also carried out with the participation of masters and doctoral fellows.


Among the main achievements of this research line is the elaboration of the Atlas of Brazilian Wind Potential, elaborated in 2001, for a height of 50 meters (corresponding to the height of the towers of the wind turbines commercially available at the time, with powers of 500 to 600 kW); and the elaboration, with the support of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) of the New Atlas of Brazilian Wind Potential, which will be made available until February 2017 and presents the speed and direction of the winds to the heights of 50, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 200 meters (the towers of commercially available wind turbines now reach heights of over 100 meters).


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